About Me

I started The Fight Dietitian for three reasons;  To give all fighters the opportunity to reach their full potential by having access to a nutrition system used by the very best in the world. Ensure that the practices that fighters conduct are as safe as possible and are under the guidance of a trained professional. To use combat sports as a platform to spread to the wider community the benefits of physical activity and good nutrition.

I have an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, and a Masters of Dietetic studies. I grew up, as most Aussie kids do, playing Rugby. In my early teen years, my older brother introduced me to Boxing. After hanging up the Rugby boots I fell in love with the sport. This was unchallenged until discovering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. The value that Martial Arts have added to my life cannot be understated and I am thankful every day for my involvement in them.

My nutritional system is the culmination of years of study, my regular interactions with top known combat athletes and best performance coaches in the world. Like all good forms of science, it is always evolving, always challenging the norm, and always looking at ways to improve.

– Jordan Sullivan

Head of Nutrition Services