About TFD

TFD was started in mid-2018 and saw rapid success within the Combat Sports Nutrition scene. Since then, team TFD’s client list has grown to include the most elite fighters in the Australia and New Zealand region including UFC World Champions, Olympians, as well as National, State, and Local Champions.

Elite-level athletes of all sports, top-level CEO,s and top-level Business Professionals continually choose to work with TFD because TFD uses Nutrition as a tool for Performance and not just as a tool for weight loss. Many athletes and professionals fall into the trap of only caring about their Nutrition in the weeks prior to their competition. At TFD, we educate all of our clients on the importance of Nutrition as a bedrock for year-round Performance and development.

This approach allows us to fulfill two of our fundamental principles; Keeping our clients healthy in both the short and long term, and making them better athletes through improved physical and mental capacity. We have used this approach with everyone from UFC World Champions to stay-at-home parents who just want to improve their health. As we continue to grow our global client base, we will continue to maintain these fundamental principles as the core of our practice. 

– Jordan Sullivan

Founder and Head Dietitian