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Nutrition Assessments

All new clients are required to complete an online questionnaire that will undergo a complete Nutritional Assessment. This is a comprehensive overview of your bloodwork, body composition, medical history, eating preferences, dieting history, and health/performance goals. This allows us to create completely individualized plans that are designed for your specific needs.

Fight Camp performance plans

Our Fight Camp Plans are created using the same system that has been used by some of the world’s most Elite Combat Athletes including World Champions, Olympians as well as numerous local, state, national Champions across a number of sports. This plan is perfect for all weight category athletes who need to make weight. 


Consultation calls

If you do not want to commit to a meal plan program but have general inquiries, you can schedule a consultation call with a member of the team. This is perfect for those who would like advice on existing nutrition strategies, professional advice about products, or for other professionals who are looking to upskill.

Performance plans

The Performance Program is for everyone from athletes to stay-at-home parents to be able to achieve their goals. Whether it is peak performance, optimizing recovery, wanting to get ahead in your career, or improving your energy levels and mental focus throughout the day, our Performance Program is for you. Alongside an individualized plan, you will receive ongoing support to ensure that you continually develop towards becoming self-sufficient with your Nutrition.

Weight management plans

Our Weight Management Plans use our world-class and proven weight-loss strategies and distill them into an easy-to-follow 8-Week program. This program is part of our non-ongoing plans and is perfect for busy individuals who want lasting results fast.

Group Education

The members of TFD regularly complete seminars, group talks and lectures to martial arts schools, sporting clubs, government organisations, universitites, schools, businesses and corporations. Presentations are tailored to integrate our areas of expertise with your audiences needs. Speaking rates depending time of presentation, travel costs, and preparation time.