team tfd

Meet the team that fuels Australia and New Zealand's high performers in sport, business and life. IF you feel that you can contribute to our athletes, our programs or our educational platforms, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

jordan sullivan - founder & Head Dietitian

Jordi has an Undergraduate Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Masters of Dietetic Studies. Jordi is the Dietitian to some of the most elite people across Australia and New Zealand, including World Champion Fighters, Olympians, top CEO’s, and Business Professionals. He is passionate about high performance and using Nutrition to gain both the physical and mental edge over your competition, no matter the environment. A published academic author, speaker, and hands-on practitioner, Jordan’s work has established him as one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading Performance Dietitians. When he isn’t in the office, you can find him on the mats getting reminded why he is the Professional Dietitian and not the Professional Athlete.

daniel brown - physiotherapist

Dan has an Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science, a Masters of Physiotherapy, a Masters of Medical Research and is currently completing a PhD investigating Head and Neck Trauma in Combat Athletes. Dan treats a number of TFD athletes and is a key member in our education programs. His primary interests lie in establishing tools to assess and prevent Head and Neck Trauma and better understanding how practices such as Acute Weight Loss (weight cutting) can impact the likelihood of sustaining injury to the Head or Neck. When he isn’t researching, you can find him comparing his heel hookin’ skills to that of Lachy Giles. 

jack doherty - senior performance dietitian

Jack has an Undergraduate degree in Exercise and Health Science and a Masters’s of Dietetics Studies. Jack currently works with a number of top Combat Athletes competing across Australia and New Zealand and has been responsible for the long-term development pathways of many local, state, and national level competitors. Jacks’ primary interest lies in Nutrition for peak performance and recovery. When he isn’t helping athletes get the most out of their training, you can find him slicing elbows and drilling his Ram Muay.

dean barnes - relations manager

Dean has worked in the sales industry for over 15 years and has experience dealing with some of Australia’s largest companies. Dean has been a lifelong advocate of a healthy lifestyle, training in boxing since he was a teenager. Dean is the main liaison for team TFD and is responsible for coordinating with our TFD Approved Partners. When Dean isn’t improving the service of TFD he can be found telling the team that Russians are not even that good at wrestling.

jonathan scotney aka grizz - head of media

Jono is the owner and founder of Grizzly Wayne, one of the fastest growing and most reputable content creation businesses in Sydney. Grizzly Wayne has established as the go to content creators for Health and Fitness professionals looking to make an impact on their social media platforms. Grizzly Wayne works with many of Sydneys prominent Fitness Professionals. Grizz is a key member of the TFD team and is found behind the lens capturing content locally and internationally at events, training days, education, and content creation sessions. The commitment of spreading awareness with communities across Australia and New Zealand is made possible on the back of the work that Grizz does. When he is not finding the perfect shot you will find him asking the ref to stand them up. 

damien quinn - head chef

Damien is a Qualified Chef with a Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery. He has worked in the industry for over a decade and has managed a number of Brisbane’s most popular cafes. Damien is responsible for recipe design and cooks for all of our UFC athletes in the week leading up to their fights. Damien has become known for his ability to recreate many athlete’s favourite dish in a way that meets their Nutritional requirements. When he is not in the kitchen you can find him on the mats telling his training partner he was actually trying to work on his submission escapes that round. 

matt brundson - tick tock nutrition

Matt is the Founder and Owner of Tick Tock Nutrition, a Ballina based Meal Prep company. Tick Tock Nutrition has played an enormous role in the success of TFD by providing their athletes with freshly made, individually tailored Meal Prep. Tick Tock Nutrition has been responsible for the successful Fight Camps of countless amateur and professional athletes on the local, national and international stage. When he is not fuelling Australia’s top athletes you can find him whenever you look up.

Lauren Nash - Performance Dietitian

Loz has an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and has a passion for all things health and fitness. Loz is the ultimate Hybrid Athlete, participating in both Crossfit, Weightlifting, and Triathlon. She manages the Performance Nutrition of many of our strength, team and endurance sport athletes and works with athletes at all levels of competition. When she isn’t educating people on how to optimally fuel their days, you can find her doing an absurd amount of box jumps for time.

Ryan Hasell - Performance Dietitian

Ryan has an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, graduating with first-class honors. Ryan currently works as a Performance Dietitian, assisting combat athletes with their weight management and performance nutrition. Ryan is also responsible for managing TFD’s online 8-12 week mentorship program which many gyms attach to their challenges to offer their participants world-class Nutrition guidance and support. When he isn’t presenting seminars, you can catch him attempting to explain why BJJ has way more street value than wrestling.