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🍽️ For the Active Individual Seeking Nutritional Guidance You Can Trust: Our Individualised Performance Meal Plan is designed for those who are serious about optimising their nutrition. Whether you're an everyday gym enthusiast, an aspiring athlete, or a world record holder.

👤 Personalised Just for You: Our service includes a 30-minute consultation to tailor a plan that aligns with your unique goals and lifestyle.

🥇 From Everyday Lifters to Champions: Trusted by a wide range of individuals, our meal plans are proven to help you optimise your nutrition. It's the same expert advice that's fuelled world record holders, UFC Champions & Olympians.

💪 Comprehensive and Informative: Along with your customised eating plan, you receive a supplement guide and a nutrition information book. These resources are designed to educate you with knowledge and assist you in achieving your goals effectively.

🔍 Optional Check In Packages: If you would like regular check-ins or ongoing adjustments. You can enhance your experience by adding ongoing support, which provides regular contact with a TFD dietitian for continued guidance.

  • Brittany T

    I’ve been working with Jack for a few years now and have
    completed many successful camps. The way my body manifests change is so dynamic
    and having a dietician that knows exactly how to formulate and alter plans
    around that is paramount.

  • Isabelle T

    Being a vegetarian, I was worried this plan might not cater to my dietary needs. I was wrong! The vegetarian section was comprehensive, and I've incorporated so many of the recipes into my daily routine. Thank you!

  • Juan R

    The meal plans are game-changers! Not only do I feel more energetic during my workouts, but I also finally broke through my weight plateau. A must-take course for any combat sports enthusiast!

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    Join your scheduled call and let our team of dietitians take care of the rest. Once the call has ended you will have the option to partner with TFD and purchase a package!

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