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Accountability Check Ins 4 Weeks

Accountability Check Ins 4 Weeks

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Please choose one of the following in addition to your custom meal plan 
  1. Silver Package: Ideal for those seeking basic guidance, this package offers a weekly email check-in using a form. Subscribers can expect one email correspondence per week, ensuring steady communication and progress monitoring. Additionally, clients get access to a fortnightly Q&A session, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into their nutritional queries.

  2. Gold Package: Designed for more engaged clients, the Gold Package steps up the interaction with a fortnightly 15-minute check-in call, allowing for a more personalized and detailed discussion of your nutrition and progress. This package includes two email check-ins, enhancing the communication frequency. Clients also benefit from access to the fortnightly Q&A sessions, offering further insights into their nutritional needs.

  3. Platinum Package: This top-tier package is tailored for those seeking comprehensive support. It includes a weekly 15-minute check-in call for in-depth discussions and guidance. With two email check-ins per week, the Platinum Package ensures constant communication and feedback. Like the other packages, it also includes access to the fortnightly Q&A, providing an additional resource for nutritional information and support.

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