Our team of University qualified Dietitian’s and Nutritionists look after some of the worlds top Combat Sport Athletes including UFC World Champions, Olympians, National, State and Local Champions as well as high performers in team and endurance sports, business professionals and recreational athletes. We cater to all levels of competition and teach our clients how to utilise the Seven Principles of Performance Nutrition that we have used to excel the performance of some the best in the world in their given field.

weight management meal plans

Our Weight Management Program has been designed to provide scientifically proven methods to help support our clients towards their body composition goals. Each Weight Management Meal Plan follows our proven body composition manipulation system, provides 6-8 weeks of Dietitian support, and is completely tailored to your specific individual needs.

add tfd nutrition to your gym challenge

Are you holding a challenge or fight camp for your gym participants? TFD offers a challenge specific Nutrition program where we take care of all the Nutritional needs for the participants. This package includes; Body composition assessments and realistic weight goals for the time of the challenge, meal plans for participants based on their goals, a challenge specific Facebook group where participants will have access to weekly education material and a weekly live Q&A with a member of TFD. This is highly competitive and challenge organisers are encouraged to organise 1-2 months in advance. 

speaking events

The success of Team TFD is simple, we use the latest research and we apply that to our practice. We never look to keep this information hidden away and are always happy to share this knowledge with like minded communities across Australia and New Zealand. Seminars for your gym, club, business or team can be organised by emailing

Health comes first, always.

The first pillar of TFD is to ensure that all of our clients remain healthy in both the short and long term. We utilise the most up to date best practice guidelines as well as our in-depth knowledge of Medical Nutrition Therapy to ensure all of our clients health needs are met.

Gaining the edge

Nutrition can be a powerful tool for improving training performance, recovery and gaining metabolic adaptations that make you a better athlete. At TFD, we utilise the latest science in the fields of Nutrition and Exercise Science to ensure that you are continually improving yourself all year round. 

Spreading the knowledge

At TFD we are committed to spreading the benefits of good Nutrition and Exercise to the wider communities of Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to creating useful resources in the forms of ebooks, podcasts and cookbooks that are suitable for everyone from the most elite combat athlete to the everyday office warrior supporting their family. 

Jordi and I are the dynamic duo, we have worked together my entire UFC career and I wouldn’t be able to perform the way that I do without his guidance. Each time we work together the process just gets better and better.

Kai 'Don't blink' Kara-France

UFC #3 Ranked Flyweight

My UFC debut was the first time that I had to make lightweight and by working with team TFD I made that weight easier at 70kg than I have at 75kg. The morning of weigh-ins I was actually underweight. I was able to have a coffee and I felt like a box of bee’s, it was quite unreal.

Brad 'Quake' Riddell

UFC #13 Ranked Lightweight