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Endurance Performance Nutrition Course

Endurance Performance Nutrition Course

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Our Performance Nutrition for Endurance course is a 6 part series designed to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition for endurance sports. This course is for anyone involved in, or looking to get into endurance sport, whether you’re a first-time racer or veteran athlete, this course is for you. 

Who it’s for

  • Individuals training and/or racing in any of the following events: 
    • Triathlon: Sprint distance, Olympic distance, T100, Half Ironman, Full Ironman, UltraMan & offroad Triathlons
    • Running: 5km, 10km, half and full marathon, ultra-marathon distances
    • Cycling: long distance road and/or gravel riders
    • Swimming: long distance &/or open water events
    • Multisport: other multisport events such as the NZ Coast 2 Coast
  • Individuals who want direction and help with their nutrition but aren’t ready to commit to one-on-one coaching.
  • Individuals who want to learn more about sports nutrition and how they can use their diet to optimise their sporting performance.
  • Existing TFD Clients who want to enhance their existing nutrition plans by learning more about the science behind their nutrition

What you’ll get:

A fully online 6-module course where they learn about the fundamental principles of endurance sport nutrition. 

Each week, you’ll gain access to a 15-min live call with TFD Performance Dietitian Lauren Nash to answer any questions to help take your learning further. The live weekly call allows you to ask questions related to the course content, dig deeper into the topics and interact with like-minded individuals. 

Topics covered:

  • Energy requirements for endurance athletes
  • Understanding exercise physiology
  • Performance nutrition fundamentals for endurance 
  • Training specific nutrition
  • Hydration for endurance athletes
  • Supplements for endurance athletes
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