Nutrition Assessment

We'll give you a detailed breakdown of calorie needs, macro distribution, and achievable weight loss targets based on your individual metrics. Our assessment uses thorough analysis of your body composition, current diet, goals and preferences. Whether you're aiming to shed pounds, optimize performance, or achieve specific fitness goals, our service takes the guesswork out of nutrition planning.

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment

  • Calorie and macro targets 

  • Weight targets and timelines (includes weight categories for athletes)

  • Nutrition and hydration training protocols 

  • Evidence-based supplement recommendations

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  • Comprehensive initial consult and assessment

  • Meals and portions built to your requirements

  • Weight loss & fight week targets

  • Training specific nutrition and hydration protocols

  • Evidence based supplements 

“This experience has been great and it was a great wake up call. To really get an honest evaluation of where I have been BSing myself ... Over this period I have lost body fat, visceral body fat and gained lean muscle.”