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Step into the ring with confidence with our "Personalised Weigh-cut Protocol". Specially curated for fighters who take their fight camps seriously, this all-in-one package is designed to elevate your performance, optimize your nutrition, and streamline your weight cut process. If you purchase in the next 48hrs, you'll get our 3 most popular combat nutrition eBooks completely FREE! This bundle is valued at over $760 but you can get it today for just $499!


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What’s Inside the Bundle:

1. Personalised Weight Cut Protocol

Our Personalised Weight Cut Protocol is crafted to fit your unique body composition and performance goals, ensuring a safe and effective weight cut. This comprehensive guide is your blueprint to hitting your target weight without compromising strength or stamina. The protocol includes: 

✅ Key Fight Camp and Fight Week nutrition targets (calories, macros, fluids and supplements!) based on your individual requirements.

✅ Weight targets during camp and fight week    

✅ Proven weight cutting strategies and tips.

✅ Post weigh-in day nutrition and re-hydration hydration targets.    

✅ Fight-day nutrition and hydration targets and tips.    

✅ Evidence-Based Supplement Recommendations.   


PLUS 3 of our most popular eBooks: 

2. Fight Camp Cookbook

3. Fight Week Cookbook 

4. Heat Acclimation for Combat Athletes 


Take the guesswork out of your next fight camp. Invest in the Combat Sport Weight-Cutting Bundle and take the first step towards dominating your next fight. Order now and get ready to unleash your full potential!


What Our ATHLETES Are Saying


At TFD our mission is to improve the weight cutting practices in combat sports to ensure athletes make weight safely and compete at their best. 


We have over half a decade of experience working with elite athletes globally, specializing in combat sports nutrition initially, before expanding to Olympians, team sports stars, and high performers in business across continents. 


Trusted by UFC champions like Alex Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya, and Leon Edwards, our comprehensive services, including personalized meal plans and supplement guidance, ensure peak performance. 


Join our community dedicated to performance nutrition and explore how TFD can support your journey to success.

Jordi Sullivan APD | Dietitian & Nutritionist


Personalised Weight Cut Protocol

Imagine walking into your next fight knowing you've ticked all the boxes with your nutrition and you will make your ideal weight with ease… No more second-guessing, no more uncertainty—just pure confidence.  


Our team are excited to be launching a brand new product this week, the “Personalised Weight Cut Protocol”, a product we have developed to help combat sport athletes make weight safely and confidently.


This protocol includes:

  • Key Fight Camp and Fight Week nutrition targets (calories, macros, fluids and supplements!) based on your individual requirements.
  • Weight targets during camp and fight week
  • Proven weight cutting strategies and tips.
  • Post weigh-in day nutrition and re-hydration hydration targets.  
  • Fight-day nutrition and hydration targets and tips.    
  • Evidence based supplement recommendations

fight camp cookbook Volume 1

Our Fight Camp Cookbook is packed with delicious meals that'll power you through training while making weight for your next fight! With simple recipes and tasty ingredients, you'll never have a boring meal again. From hearty breakfasts to satisfying dinners, Jordi Sullivan's cookbook will have you feeling like a gourmet chef in no time.


This book includes: 

  • Over 40 Recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Basic fight camp calorie guide
  • Basic food safety guide
  • Training nutrition principles
  • Training nutrition ideas
  • Fight camp supplement advice

FIGHT WEEK COokbook Volume 1

Leave boring fight weeks and bland food in the past with our Fight Week Cookbook Volume 2. This cookbook is your ultimate guide to staying fuelled and energized during the most critical week leading up to your fight. Packed with mouthwatering recipes designed to help you shed those final pounds without sacrificing taste.


This book includes: 

  • 15 Different fight week safe recipes for you to enjor for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • A guide to fight week friendly sauces and condiments.
  • Basic food safety information to ensure you don't risk getting sick in the final days before your bout.
  • Supplements that won't interfere with making weight. 

Heat Acclimation Guide for Combat Athletes

Ready to take your performance up a notch for your next fight camp? The "Heat Acclimation Guide" is here to help you understand and use heat acclimation, making weight cut easier than ever. 

Why This eBook is Essential for Your Fight Camp:
✅ Understand the Heat Acclimation Process: Gain a clear understanding of how your body adapts to heat and why it's crucial for peak performance
✅ Equipment Checklist: Discover the essential gear you'll need for successful heat acclimation, from saunas to the best sauna blankets.
✅ Heat Acclimation Protocols: Learn the most effective methods to acclimate to heat, including:

  • Sauna sessions
  • Sauna blanket use 
  • Heat baths
  • Exercise in hot conditions

✅ Cooling Strategies: Find out how to stay cool and recover effectively during and after your heat acclimation sessions.
✅ Common Questions Answered: Get expert answers to the most frequently asked questions about heat acclimation, ensuring you're fully informed and ready to take on your training.

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