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100Km Ultra Marathon Nutrition

100Km Ultra Marathon Nutrition

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Why We Created This Guide
 As a team of high performance dietitians, we don’t only help
 athletes fuel their own ultra marathon endeavours, we do
 them ourselves. Because of our extensive practical
 experience, we know the unique challenges that ultra
 endurance athletes face whilst pushing their bodies to the
 limits over these distances. We created this eBook  to not
 only educate you and equip you with essential skills, but to
 serve as a blueprint for success.
 Discover the science behind optimal nutrition for endurance
 athletes and learn how to fine-tune your diet for maximum
 performance, on and off the trails. From macronutrient
 ratios to hydration strategies, delve into the details that
 make the difference between hitting the wall and crossing
 the finish line with energy left to burn.
 This eBook doesn’t only cover the race itself – it covers every
 aspect of your journey to get there; from training nutrition
 advice to recovery strategies to pre-race breakfasts. With
 practical tips, meal inspiration and science backed tips
 tailored to the unique demands of ultra running, you'll have
 everything you need to fuel your body and mind for success
 on the trails.
 Whether you're aiming for a personal best or dreaming of
 podium finishes, this eBook is your secret weapon on the
 road to ultra marathon greatness. Don't just survive over the
 distance – thrive with the power of good nutrition.
 The information in this guide is general in nature,we
 understand you and your needs are unique. For one-on
one support, please get in contact with the TFD Dietitians for
 more tailored support!

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