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Endurance Training Nutrition

Endurance Training Nutrition

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 If you follow us on social media, you will know how
 passionate we are about eating before (and during)
 training, and for good reason. Whether you’re running,
 cycling, swimming or all three, fuelling yourself before and
 during training is essential for not only your performance,
 but your recovery, body composition and overall health
 and wellbeing.
 Between fasted cardio and low carbohydrate diets, there is
 a lot of misinformation out there surrounding what you
 should and should not eat before training. At The Fight
 Dietitian, we are passionate about silencing false
 information and educating active individuals on how to
 properly support their training load. PS - it is not with
 fasted training.
 In this guide, we break down the main things you need to
 know when it comes to fuelling your training and guide the
 way for you. We will provide countless pre- & intra-training
 ideas for you to try and what to look out for when curating
 your own pre-training nutrition.
 Please note, this advice is general in nature and does not
 account for individual requirements or dietary restrictions
 (e.g., vegan, lactose-intolerance, coeliac or other
 allergies). For personalised advice catered to your needs,
 please reach out to a TFD Dietitian for support

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