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The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

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Welcome to TFD’s comprehensive and detailed weight loss guide outlining all the elements of a successful, healthy, sustainable weight/fat loss journey.
This guide was created by Senior Performance Dietitian Jack Doherty combining both his his professional experience and his own personal weight loss transformation. Over the course of 12 weeks of his own fat loss journey he was able to lose 12.2kg and transformed his physique.

This guide is has been created based on the science of weight loss, the realistic lived experience of Jack’s personal weight loss journey and the vast number of successful client outcomes he has had working with in this area.
What is included?

  • A detailed outline of the Vital Elements of a Weight Loss Journey
  • A comprehensive Calorie & Macronutrient Calculation Guide
  • Outline of how to build your own plan + periodise nutrition around training
  • Guide on how to (and when not to) Alter/Adjust Intake
  • Guide on how to track and assess progress
  • Basic Supplement Guide
  • Basic 4 Week Strength and Conditioning Program Example
  • Sample 2000cal Meal Plan
  • Kitchen/Cooking Essentials  Guide
  • Meal Prep Recipes

Everything you need to know, and the tools to succeed, are all included!

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