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Triathlon Nutrition Guide

Triathlon Nutrition Guide

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Well, that’s according to TFD Performance Dietitian Lauren
 Nash anyway... But she’s right, in addition to the physical
 training and mental stamina that come with endurance
 sport, nutrition and hydration are the key factors
 underpinning athletic performance in Triathlon. Your race
 nutrition can be the only factor standing between a good
 race and a great one! 
Navigating the unique demands of swimming, biking and
 running can be challenging. Our comprehensive guide
 delves into the art and science behind endurance nutrition
 to teach you how to fuel for peak performance, optimise
 your health & support recovery.
 Whether you're eyeing your first sprint distance tri or
 targeting an Ironman, this guide is your roadmap to
 unlocking sustained energy, better recovery, faster times
 and ultimately, reaching your athletic potential. 
We know that how you fuel a short course triathlon will be
 different to how you fuel an Ironman. The beauty of
 endurance nutrition however, is that if you nail the
 techniques in this guide from the beginning, you can apply
 them across your specific race distance and build on them
 as you progress. 
The information in this guide is general in nature, we
 understand you and your needs are unique. For one-on
one support, please get in contact with the TFD Dietitians
 for more tailored support!

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