Heat Acclimation Guide for Combat Athletes


Ready to take your performance up a notch for your next fight camp? The "Heat Acclimation Guide" is here to help you understand and use heat acclimation, making weight cut easier than ever. 

Why This eBook is Essential for Your Fight Camp:
✅ Understand the Heat Acclimation Process: Gain a clear understanding of how your body adapts to heat and why it's crucial for peak performance
✅ Equipment Checklist: Discover the essential gear you'll need for successful heat acclimation, from saunas to the best sauna blankets.
✅ Heat Acclimation Protocols: Learn the most effective methods to acclimate to heat, including:

  • Sauna sessions
  • Sauna blanket use 
  • Heat baths
  • Exercise in hot conditions

✅ Cooling Strategies: Find out how to stay cool and recover effectively during and after your heat acclimation sessions.
✅ Common Questions Answered: Get expert answers to the most frequently asked questions about heat acclimation, ensuring you're fully informed and ready to take on your training.

Don't leave your next fight camp to chance. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies that make the difference. Download your copy now and start your transformation!



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Jordi Sullivan APD | Dietitian & Nutritionist