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Combat Athlete Food Shop Guide

Combat Athlete Food Shop Guide

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 Having worked with thousands of combat sport athletes,
 including the best in the world, we know what goes into
 preparing for a fight. We know the limited time and
 resources you have outside of training & work to cook  and
 prepare meals that help to fuel your high training load. We
 also understand how much of your life as a fighter revolves
 around not only eating, but making or maintaining your
 weight for upcoming events. 
With a loaded schedule and demanding training load, one
 area of your life that can’t afford to slip is your food
 preparation. Why? Because food is the fuel that powers you
 through your 3 hour back-to-back evening classes.
 Shopping and preparing food are both time consuming
 tasks, which is why we want to help streamline those
 processes for you to enable you to fuel your lifestyle. We
 created this guide to help you streamline your food and
 sports nutrition shops to ensure you are fuelling your body
 appropriately, without compromise… We know that you don’t
 always have time to meal prep your lunches, that’s why we
 have included plenty of time saving & convenient options in
 this guide to help you out in those busier than normal times. 
If you want help putting this together or want some more
 one-on-one support during camp, don’t hesitate to reach
 out to our Team of High Performance Dietitians.

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